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Q We recently had an incident in the work place where someone slipped on the floor.
A As part of our free site survey we include a Slip, Trip & Fall assessment which we will fully discuss with you the options open to you.

Q I have an existing concrete floor that is quite old can this be coated?
A Yes we would need to carry out a site survey so that we can recommend the most appropriate system to meet your needs.

Q I have had my floor painted a number of times over the last few years but it keeps flaking up why is that?
A There could be a number of reasons why it is flaking such as damp in the slab, oil penetration in the slab or insufficient preparation prior to applying the coating. A site survey would determine the cause & an appropriate solution offered.

Q We only have limited times when we can interrupt our production, how can you work around this?
A We will schedule works to best suit your needs such as weekends, public holidays or periods when you shut down. We will recommend the most suitable products to meet the available timescales.

Q Can I have a decorative effect finish to my floor?
A Yes there are a wide range of finishes available from functional to decorative. The choice is yours.